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While musician’s recording their own music is not uncommon, it would be hard to imagine anyone matching the recording tenacity of Juma Sultan, who has recorded thousands of hours of material from the late 1960’s through the 1970’s.  And not recordings of any old song but material that is historically important in regards to the evolution of (for the lack of better word) “Jazz”.  What we have here now is a collection of handpicked tracks from the vast collection of Juma Sultan and in particular is his Aboriginal Music Society, comprised of likeminded musicians. The dates and personnel vary from track to track as the Aboriginal Music Society was consistently evolving as musicians came and went over the years. This ever changing line-up lead to a diversity of emotions that let the band explore a multitude of styles that included elements of, African music, jazz, spiritual-jazz, free-jazz and even soul music.  Fortunately, some thirty years after the music was recorded, it is now reaching an eager and appreciative audience.


1. AMS (20:45) - recorded live at Ali’s Alley
sometime between February 7-11, 1978
Ali Abuwi - oboe, percussion
Kasa Allah - piano
Art Bennett - saxophone
Harold E. Smith - percussion
Juma Sultan - bass, percussion
James “Blood” Ulmer - guitar

2. Shake Your Money Maker (1:27)
Ali Abuwi - flute
Ora Borman and Charlotte Richardson - vocals
Art Lewis - drums
Juma Sultan - percussion

3. Darn My Socks (8:55) by Prince Rubin and Jimmy
Ali Abuwi - drums
Joe Church - bass
Paul “Dino” Williams - guitar
Daniel Ben Zebulon - vocal, percussion

4. Sundance and Hand Clapping - version I (1:33)
recorded in Boston, circa 1970
Ali Abuwi - percussion
Earl Cross - piano
Juma Sultan - bass, percussion
Unknown - organ

5. She Made Me Feel Like Glory - Part I (19:20)
likely performed by Indigo Drum and Spirit (circa 1973-5)
Claude Lateef Jones, Obara Wali Rahman Ndiaye - percussion
Talib Kibwe - oboe and flute
Saint Strickland - piano
unknown - vocals

6. Sundance and Hand Clapping - version II (9:02) recorded in Boston, circa 1970
Ali Abuwi - flute, percussion
Juma Sultan - flute, bass, percussion

7. She Made Me Feel Like Glory - Part II (4:37)
Same personnel as track 5

Engineers: Juma Sultan or Ali Abuwi
Analog transfers: Warren Russell Smith, Michael C. Heller, Juma Sultan
Liner notes – Michael C. Heller
Art layout, Audio mixing/mastering – Luke Mosling
Special thanks to Stephen D. Farina and Johndan Johnson-Eilola of Clarkson University.


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